Current Campaigns

Minimum wage, Albuquerque

In 2012, members of Working New Mexico joined a broad-based coalition on behalf of low-wage workers in Albuquerque, gathering more than 25,000 signatures to require a vote on raising the city’s minimum wage. Our efforts drew widespread support. In November 2012, an overwhelming 66% majority voted in favor of higher wage standards.

As a result, the minimum wage in Albuquerque was increased to $8.50 an hour in 2013. It was raised again, indexed to inflation, to $8.60 an hour beginning in January 2014. The increases also benefited tipped employees, who now have an hourly wage of 60% of the minimum—currently $5.16 per hour plus tips.

Over the last year, however, Working New Mexico has identified more than 30 Albuquerque businesses that are not paying the new minimum wage, as required by law. Too often, employers continue to ignore the law and tipped employees are often the victim of this wage theft.

Members of Working New Mexico are committed to making sure the law we helped put on the books is fully enforced. If you are getting paid less than minimum wage in Albuquerque, please call us at 505-247-0337.

Living Wage—Santa Fe County

Members of Working New Mexico now are campaigning to pass a living wage ordinance in the county of Sante Fe. The city of Santa Fe currently has a minimum wage of $10.51 per hour, one of the highest in the United States. But the standard for the county remains much lower, at $7.50 per hour.

Volunteers have gathered more than 6,500 signatures to raise the wage in Sante Fe County. County commissioners introduced a county living wage ordinance on Jan. 14.

There will be at least two public hearings to discuss the ordinance and give testimony. We’ll have more information soon on dates, times and locations of these public hearings.

In the meantime, it is important that commissioners hear from you! Only your stories can guarantee how strong the ordinance will be. Contact Working New Mexico and help us collecting testimonials of what it will mean to you and your family when the minimum wage is increased.

Our number is 505-247-0337, or you can send testimonials to:

Reel Working America

Reel Working America is a partnership between Working America and IATSE Local 480, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees—the union for film, stage and multimedia technicians. The partnership provides a new home for working people in the film industry who don’t have the benefit of a union on the job. Film in New Mexico provides jobs and important economic activity for our state. Do you work in the film industry? Join Reel Working America now.

Tipped Workers

Do you know what the new tipped wage is in the city of Albuquerque? It’s $5.16 per hour. If you or someone you know aren’t making the new tipped wage, contact us today!