Santa Fe Lobby Day

New Mexico Working America members scored success on their first-ever Lobby Day with not one, but two victories. Six Working America members joined WA State Director Jared Ames and two organizers to beat back antiworker legislation.

The Working America members explained to lawmakers that socalled right-to-work legislation should really be called right to work for less because it allows employers to weaken workers’ organizations, thus lowering wages and standards across the state. In fact, recent studies show that workers in states with such laws earn on average $5,971 less than workers in other states. The group also helped beat back a law that would have prohibited local governments from giving workers more medical or family leave. The Working America delegation met with State Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, State Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard and State Rep. Georgene Louis on the last Saturday in the legislative session. This action helped defeat both of the extremist bills.